WHPVA representatives


It is with great regret that we must announce the death of previous WHPVA chairman Richard Ballantine in May 2013. Richard led the WHPVA almost from the start (still as IHPVA), administered the change to WHPVA, filled this Wiki with content, and worked hard to shape the WHPVA until his strength started to leave him. A more complete appreciation of Richard Ballantine is to follow.

WHPVA members (Board Representatives) and functions

  • Nick Green, Chairman - Great Britain
  • Knud Jahnke, Chairman record committee - Germany
  • George Durbridge - Australia
  • Jan Van Dyck - Belgium
  • Brian Sharling - Denmark
  • Jean-Charles Gosselin - France
  • Giovanni Eupani - Italy
  • Toni Cornelissen - Netherlands
  • Lotta Rassmusson - Sweden
  • Theo Schmidt, de facto secretary - Switzerland
  • Alexey Ganshen - Ukraine

Associate members

Associate members are those who were once active members or whose registration is pending

  • Tomas Linden - Finland
  • Paul Gracey - USA

Associate officers

People with WHPVA functions who are not board representatives

  • Gerald Harbusch, Webmaster