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[[Open Source Velomobile Development Project]]
[[Open Source Velomobile Development Project]]
[http://whpva.org/vph/index.php?title=Accueil In french - en français : hpv technical wiki technique vph]
[http://whpva.catatec.ch/vph/index.php?title=Accueil In french - en français : hpv technical wiki technique vph]

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Welcome to the Pedalwiki

Welcome to the wiki for the World (previously International) Human Powered Vehicle Association, aka the "Pedalwiki".

Pedalwiki is for everyone interested in the human power movement.

Pedalwiki is interactive, and you do not have to be a member of the WHPVA (previously IHPVA) to join in. We invite your participation at any and all levels! You can roam the site at will on a read-only basis.

A wiki is a community effort; you can add content and edit most of the PedalWiki pages. To do this, you must create a confirmed account. We have to do this to reduce spam attacks. Still, registering is easy -- See the Welcome page for instructions. You can edit the pages marked as "articles", but please but comments on pages marked "discussion" and here do not edit the comments of others. The pages marked "history" record any and all changes.

Some pages which list proposals or record votes can only be amended by administrators. However, anyone can add comments.

Please read the guidelines on the Welcome page.

General Articles & Links

If you add a new article, put a link to it here.

Trikes page

Open Source Velomobile Development Project

In french - en français : hpv technical wiki technique vph

WHPVA (previously IHPVA) LINKS

WHPVA representatives Names of WHPVA board members
WHPVA Board NEWS Announcements and news
WHPVA Agenda Requests Used to raise issues and requests to the WHPVA Board
WHPVA Proposals Proposals and outstanding business items
WHPVA Voting Used for voting on proposals and other business

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