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Record ratification procedure

1. A record attempt report is sent to the record committee chair (RCC) by email or mail. If the RCC is unable to process the report, the job may be delegated to another member of the record committee.

2. The RCC checks the report for completeness, processability and formal conformity to record report requirements (which record, when, where, who, observers, signatures, declarations, etc.). If the check fails, the RCC returns the report to the author with decent explanations. The RCC digitalizes all material for further processing (in this case timelines can be extended).

3. The RCC takes care that all material sent in is accessible via internet to the WHPVA board and record committee members.

4. The RCC notifies the WHPVA board about the new pending record report via an email to

5. The RCC invites record committee members to review the pending record report. It has to be made sure that at least three reviewers agree to do the review. The RCC may be one of the reviewers.

6. The reviewers complete their review and return their comments within ten working days. It is expected from the reviewers to write a report that describes what they have checked. The reviewers rate the record attempt report either with 'accept' or 'reject'.

7. The RCC evaluates the reviewer responses. He makes sure that these get stored along with the pending record attempt report and are accessible for the WHPVA board and members of the record committee. The record attempt is accepted when a simple majority of 'accept' ratings from the reviewers is reached and no veto from the WHPVA board has been received by this time. The RCC may decide to go back to step 6 if the quality of a review seems not sufficient to him. Such a decision must be documented and published later on and reasons have to be given. Accepted reviews must not be repeated. The number of accepted reviews must not exceed five.

8. The RCC notifies the record report authors, the new record holder, the WHPVA board and the record committee about the outcome of the ratification procedure.

9. If the record attempt has been accepted the RCC makes sure that the new record gets published on the WHPVA website and all the material collected so far, including report, data and reviewer reports, that is necessary to document the record attempt, is archived and made public.


Step 2-4: five working days

Step 5: five working days

Step 6: ten working days

Step 7-9: five working days