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This page is where IHPVA Board members votes on proposals are recorded. Votes may cast directly on this site, and should be confirmed by e-mail on the IHPVA Board mail list. For a reliable record, only users with sysop privileges can edit the page. If want to cast a vote or make a comment, please use the "Discussion" tab at the top of the page.
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For a record of IHPVA votes in 2004 see [[IHPVA Voting - 2004]]
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• None so far
• None so far
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(A page or section ""Voting 2004 was either lost or never existed)

Voting 2005

Proposal for a Separate HPV Velodrome Hour Record
Proposed by Richard Ballantine, 17 June 2005
Status: Passed 6 October 2005

The IHPVA recognise separate HPV velodrome hour records.

In Favour
• Marc TAUSS - Switzerland -Yes, of course !!! Great idea !!!
• Jan Van Dyck - Hpv Belgium - Begium votes yes!
• Ian Humphries - OzHPV - Yes to one velodrome record being kept. Ie no to a record for every type of velodrome.
• Mark Olaf Slot - HPV-club Denmark - I vote yes for only one Velodrome Hour Record. Not separate records for different velodromes.
• Christian Meyer - Germany - I vote in favour.
• Richard Ballantine - BHPC - Yes!

Proposal for Restricted HPV Class
Proposed by Richard Ballantine, 15 June 2005
Status: Passed 9 November 2005 (sooner, actually, but announcement delayed by spammers)

The IHPVA shall recognise performance records for a Restricted Class of HPV. Rider can be seen from the front, with allowance for handlebars, controls, and structural elements such as chassis or transmission. Disk wheels are permitted. Briefly, in front of the rider, the machine is unfaired; behind the rider, anything is allowed.

In Favour
• Marc TAUSS - Switzerland
• Ian Humphries - OzHPV
• Mark Olaf Slot - HPV-club Denmark
• Christian Meyer - Germany
• Jan Van Dyck - Hpv Belgium -
• Richard Ballantine - BHPC

Proposal for Junior Category for IHPVA Records
Proposed by Richard Ballantine, 27 April 2005
Status: Passed 25 May 2005

Proposal Junior Riders: The IHPVA shall recognize separate records for male and female junior riders in events up to the hour, by age on date of record attempt, in three age groups: 8 through 10; 11 through 13; 14 through 16.

In Favour
• Marc TAUSS - Switzerland
• Mark Olaf Slot - HPV-club Denmark
• Jan Van Dyck - HPV Belgium
• Richard Ballantine - BHPC UK

• Ian Humphries - Australia. "I don't support records being kept for under 11 year olds. Perhaps there should be just 2 categories ie under 17 and under 14 years old?
• Jean-Charles Gosselin - France-HPV.

Elect Richard Ballantine as IHPVA Chair for 2005
STATUS: Voting open until 4th Febuary 2005, at which point the majority vote will carry.

In Favour
• Mark Olaf Slot, HPV-club Denmark
• Marc TAUSS (Switzerland)
• Jan Van Dyck, HPV Belgium
• Christian Meyer, German HPVA
• Ben Wichers Schreur, NVHPV Netherlands
• Ian Humphries, OzHPV Australia
• Jean-Charles Gosselin, France-HPV

• None so far