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The WHPVA Board uses Pedalwiki to publish information and to keep board work transparent.

The WHPVA is a free association of 12 HPV (human power vehicle) groups from all around the world. The WHPVA promotes the development and use of human power. It sanctions and maintains human power vehicle performance records and competitions. For more information, see the main website at http://www.whpva.org

The WHPVA Board consists of a representative from each WHPVA member group. See WHPVA representatives.


Wiki Instructions, to edit or add content.


You must have a confirmed account to edit wiki pages. It was simply too burdensome cleaning out spam to avoid this policy.

  1. Create your account. You must include an email address. Your name and affiliation would be nice, but it is not strictly necessary except when discussing or voting as a member of a WHPVA-affiliate group.
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• Respect other contributions and be considerate when making changes. Don't break up articles with comments. Either add your comments in sequence, or use the 'discussion' tab at the top of each page.

• When editing an article, first use the Preview button to check your work, then the Save button. Please describe briefly what you did in the Summary box below the editing window, or click "minor modification".

• Be polite. Keep in mind, the WHPVA covers the world, and a wide range of ideas and opinions.

• Keep contributions short and simple, so they are easy to understand. We use English, which is not the first language for everyone. Try to imagine: you are someone in Russia, or Columbia, really interested in HPVs, and working hard to understand a lot of English words that are not even in many dictionaries! Be thoughtful when making contributions and write using simple sentences.

• If you need to refer to a long document, such as the HPV racing regulations of your organization, you can create a link to another Pedalwiki page and post the regulations there. This will help to keep discussions short and to the point, but make information in detail available to those who are interested. You can also create links to other sites.

  • Please feel free to help us maintain the site by cleaning out any garbage that spammers may have added. (Don't worry about things that are slightly "off topic". I am talking about ads for sex shops and drugs; you will know it when you see it!)
  • Most importantly, don't let these guidelines restrict you from making contributions! There is a history available for each page, so any mistakes you make can be rolled back out in seconds. EXPERIMENT! Have fun.

Tutorials about how to use formatting, create links, and other interesting information can be found at the Wikimedia site [1]. This is the same system as used by Wikipedia. Therefore the Wikipedia help pages could also be helpful: [2]. These pages are also available in many other languages.

The chair and/or webmaster will review and when necessary moderate all discussions and postings.


Quick Links for IHPVA Board business

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WHPVA Agenda Requests Used to raise issues and requests to the WHPVA Board
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